Determined to create something better, Decencon was formed to help recycling businesses unload their inventory at the highest value. With an amazing network of reselling/reuse the recycled products in the tech industry, we are able to utilize the goods to the highest value with the fastest turn around.

We purchase hard disks, servers, CPUs, memory, computer servers, mobile phones, motherboards, ICs, notebooks, fiber optic cards, or other electronic products with circuit boards.

At Decencon Trading Inc, our business is helping your business succeed. Whenever you need help offloading some used or new products, we’ve gotten means to make your products worth its value.

Worry-free Solutions for Your Business

A Different Approach

At Decencon Trading Inc, we believe trust and mutual benefit is the fundamental for business success. We want to create meaningful long-term relationship with our business partner, to create synergy which will benefits all parties in both long and short term.

Unique Solutions

We have established a thorough network across the globe to find buyers for any goods with recycle value. We are an one-sized-fits-all solution for all your inventory needs.

Long-term relationship

We believe in honoring partners’ value and create a prosperous relationship. We will share profit with our suppliers and take your business into the future with success beyond your wildest dreams.